It’s been a privilege
Being in the right place
At an opportune time
To deliver extraordinary comfort:
Like a human angel or an antihero
Working a seeming miracle –
In truth
Wrought by the masterly hands of God.

I have ridden through towns ornamented
With miniature domes of metamorphic rock:
Sitting within homesteads like unfinished monuments
Scattered in a sculptor’s backyard;
Awaiting completion,
Yet aesthetic and majestic to behold –
Works by the mighty hands of God!

I have seen bald domes of rock –
Adorned only by a flimsy covering of soil,
A browning of dying grass,
And tall spindly trees
Like champions standing upon a podium
(An eerie spectacle; other-worldly) –
Moulded by the powerful hands of God.

I have been awed by mighty boulders balanced
Indisputably for years on years –
Through thunderstorms and gale-force winds –
As if precariously to fall in the slightest breeze;
Yet unmoved they stand eternal,
Kept unshakeable by the unwavering hands of God.


Copyright ©2008. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

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