Like you
I’m ageing
Albeit ahead of you
I’ll hit forty.

I was young
And pretty
(I still am);
Full of ambition.

I was bright,
Brilliant and brimming
With unbridled exuberance;
An ebony beauty with catchy pink lips.

The many years have
Made me plump, and rounded
Me off in myriad ways;
Within I remain my former self

Yet scarred and hardened,
Galled by certain wars
Of love and heart and betrayal;
A little of me still shines bright.

I’m above judgement
(Especially yours)
Your puerile mind
Will never fathom my history!

I am a woman
(Complicated, they say);
Unmarried and influential,
Adept at what I do!


Copyright ©February 23, 2016. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “LIKE YOU

  1. Reads like the conversations that women have between themselves. For whatever reason, as women we tend to judge each other severely for shortcomings real or not. These are the words of a woman who has learned to live her own life.

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