I think to myself
What goes on in her mind;
While I consider and say
I need to soak up all this warmth
She exudes.

I lean in closer
Your softness presses my arm
Softer and more inviting
Than the cosy cinema seats:

I wonder
Did she just shiver;
Maybe I’m sapping her heat.
I feel intimate.
You grab my arm,
And tilt your head
Snuggling closer.

I inhale the whiff of your natural hair
And then the shampoo and hair cream –
So inviting!
Thoughts flood my mind.
I wish things.
I stroke your full thighs through your stretch jeans.
I long to touch.
To touch.
I long for a kiss.
For answers.
What goes on in your head.

Copyright ©January 5, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

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