Her eyes lit up with a sparkle:
Pleasure and a smile brightened her face
As she held it gently feeling its iron weight;
Her delight was obvious.

It was almost distracting
As she counted baby pulses and respirations –
Its sleek contours and heavy metal feel
Captivated her romantic senses.

Like a part of him, warm and manly;
Reassuring, strong and dependable,
She absorbed its exuding warmth
As she slipped it around her wrist.

It was sleek, wrought of tempered alloy
With ticking hands and specialized dials
For stopwatch, seconds and hour counts:
By all accounts, inarguably a masterpiece!

Gradually she got lost in her reveries;
Oblivious to the passage of time
As the tedious workday wound down –
Her tasks all completed with ease!

Without doubt it had won her admiration:
Though weathered, and worn and scratched,
Its essence endured – classy, durable and stylish.
She was proud their parts crossed!

By day’s end it was more a part of her
Than him, bathed in her sweat and scents and pheromones.
She gave it back with an offering of Thank you and friendship
And a reserved desire to have more of it and him.

Copyright ©February 13, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

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