Ghostly vagrants
Swaying across the busy streets –
Vibing a mysterious urgency,
Cruising along for a bit:
Then suddenly flying a vertical trajectory
As cars speed by.

Like abandoned memories
From past excursions
Left to litter –
Some old and ragged;
Others newer from a recent unlawful riddance.
Strewn all over and ubiquitous:
Testaments of a noisome custom.

Mocking the rush of the bustling denizens
(Desperate to get home
And shelter from the impending storm);
Buffeted by billowing winds and sandy gusts
While monstrous dust clouds rise from the distance

As cycles, pedestrians and vehicles
Compete for passage under looming clouds
Bulging with imminent rain,
Feisty raindrops hammer
The windscreen (just earlier sprinkled
With a coat of sand)
Forming a rusty smear as the wipers
Hustle for a lucent view.

It’s welcome weather
Though eerie:
Bright day darkens within moments
Chilled by overcast skies
And hustling winds that draw squeaks and groans
From embattled roofs.

Urgency is defeated
As the storm breaks out.

Copyright ©June 5, 2021. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

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