Outside, the day has begun to break
And the remains of last night’s rain
Fall as huge lazy raindrops on the leaves –
It sounds like the gentle protest
Of several tens of popcorn
Being freshly prepared

Inside I cuddle closer under the bedcovers
Sleep eludes me
I dreamt you were here
But no,
My pillow, my only company
Sits on my head

The neighbourhood cockerels
Crow heralding the coming dawn
Of a beautiful morning

Copyright ©2007. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.




Up the flight of steps flee.
Eyes laden with sleep see
Ghostly shadows of nonexistent nonsense;
You hit the pillows with reckless somnolence!

Forget your study; the lights, the late movie.
This sleep’s sweet, you mutter in somniloquy!
Damn the mosquitoes, the cool breeze assures;
Sleep my sweet, and dream of peaceful pleasures.

Copyright ©1997. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.



I broke forth from the sea of sleep,
Breaching the surface of the deep –
Breathless; confused; scared, by visions so real –
I shiver, letting out a scream so shrill!

I forget how I slept and when –
The usual short trip to bed, and then
The sleepy struggle with the bed sheets;
Finally, cuddling beneath cold sheets.

I forget. I try. Yet floods of mem’ry
Break my head – stabbing grief, misery
And disbelief – bringing on denial;
My faculties spin round like a dial!

It’s real like the dream last night
True; heartrending to admit.
Over time and casual recounting, healing;
Not forgotten (like injured skin, peeling).

Yes, it’s over now and past.
Let this be, of such, the last
(A reality most bitter to perceive) –
Joy and blessings let’s all receive!


Copyright ©2006. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.