Yearning allayed
By fond memories of
Morning cuddles
And forehead kisses
Fluffy pancakes
Made of love and fondness

Playful tickles
And lusty bearhugs
From-the-back embraces
And prankish smacks on your curvy derrière

Oh! how I miss you

Copyright ©April 5, 2022. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

Unintended Muse

She’s pretty
That’s a given
Of course, she
Knows she’s pretty
But how pretty
I’m not sure she

So fine
Her twin dimples
Break forth in smiles
Her sculpted cheeks
So appealing and cute

Her obvious youth
A refreshing sensation

Yet elegant

Her full, black
Hair, rich without perms
Combed straight
And made up in a bun

Overall classy
In her electric blue dress


Copyright ©April 23, 2019. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


Brilliant officer!
Competent, hardworking, dedicated;
Principled, intelligent, well-qualified public servant.
Pretty Calabarian,
Fun-loving youth,
Social commentator with remarkable humour and sarcasm!
Efik woman who commands English with flair;
Beautiful lady who basks in being sexy, and called sexy.
Adventure seeking, thrill seeker;
My enduring muse!

Copyright ©February 11, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


Like you
I’m ageing
Albeit ahead of you
I’ll hit forty.

I was young
And pretty
(I still am);
Full of ambition.

I was bright,
Brilliant and brimming
With unbridled exuberance;
An ebony beauty with catchy pink lips.

The many years have
Made me plump, and rounded
Me off in myriad ways;
Within I remain my former self

Yet scarred and hardened,
Galled by certain wars
Of love and heart and betrayal;
A little of me still shines bright.

I’m above judgement
(Especially yours)
Your puerile mind
Will never fathom my history!

I am a woman
(Complicated, they say);
Unmarried and influential,
Adept at what I do!


Copyright ©February 23, 2016. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


There are days you
Feel like you’re on fire
Unstoppable, confident,
High-spirited and lithe

Some days rage
With burning queries
About the essence of life
Questions meant for God alone

Then comes those dreary
Days of monthly bleed
Cold and crampy and gory
With a desire for warm or heat

A steamy shower; a hot beverage;
A massage with heated towels
Soothe and provide comfort from
The miserable menstrual cramps

Some days you burn
Hot with a relentless desire
Craving to be held and pampered
Caressed in a tight embrace

Made to feel like a woman
Stoking every pleasure
Inherent in your ripe feminity
Kissing, cuddling, touching

Cloaked in fiery passion,
Only you know what sates
That urge and kills the fire
Like when water douses a flame


Copyright ©2007. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.