Savour me like a massage.
Hot, cold, or even tepid –
I am fluid;
I’ll suit your very need.

Guide me like a shower spray
Soothingly pelting your body.
I am fluid;
I’ll heal your tired muscles.

Enjoy every deft touch
Like a steamy shower.
I am fluid;
I’ll loosen your chronic knots.

Soak up the soothingness,
Like of a scented hot tub
(I am fluid),
To calm your frantic thoughts.

Trust each delicate touch
Kneading your calves and thighs.
I am fluid –
Taming all your stressed sinews.

Absorb every knowing blow
Drumming your torso and back.
I am fluid –
Hypnotising you with rhythm and sound.

Copyright © November 18, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


Am I just a piece in your daily rites:
Used, dampened and hung up to dry?
I often wonder how much you love me,
Whether you really like me the way it seems.

I’ve heard you speak of loving my colour;
Of being impressed by my very soft texture;
You say I soak up a lot and I’m exquisite
That I’ve been around for quite some time.

I’ve mapped all your contours and your folds;
All your nakedness I’ve known by the tendrils
Of my soft fine strands; and my memory always
Soaks up your body scent fresh from a bath.

I shield your bare bosom beneath my softness,
Hugging you deftly as you step out the bath –
Touching your torso, your hips and your thighs.
We are intimate. I even feel much more!

I know your covered secrets: the birth mark,
The fair patch, and the mole. I enjoy the way
You guide me gently inbetween your legs
Soaking the moisture (that, I know is mutual).

I savour every inch of our salubrious relationship:
The way you care, keeping me clean, the hot
Soapy washes and warm times in the sun –
Keeping me crisp and fresh for ready use.

I appreciate your shaved legs and trimmed hairs;
Your silky skin; your spotless face and your long hair.
Still I wonder how deeply you love me, whenever
You hang me out to dry.

Copyright ©November 7, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


Her eyes lit up with a sparkle:
Pleasure and a smile brightened her face
As she held it gently feeling its iron weight;
Her delight was obvious.

It was almost distracting
As she counted baby pulses and respirations –
Its sleek contours and heavy metal feel
Captivated her romantic senses.

Like a part of him, warm and manly;
Reassuring, strong and dependable,
She absorbed its exuding warmth
As she slipped it around her wrist.

It was sleek, wrought of tempered alloy
With ticking hands and specialized dials
For stopwatch, seconds and hour counts:
By all accounts, inarguably a masterpiece!

Gradually she got lost in her reveries;
Oblivious to the passage of time
As the tedious workday wound down –
Her tasks all completed with ease!

Without doubt it had won her admiration:
Though weathered, and worn and scratched,
Its essence endured – classy, durable and stylish.
She was proud their parts crossed!

By day’s end it was more a part of her
Than him, bathed in her sweat and scents and pheromones.
She gave it back with an offering of Thank you and friendship
And a reserved desire to have more of it and him.

Copyright ©February 13, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


Brilliant officer!
Competent, hardworking, dedicated;
Principled, intelligent, well-qualified public servant.
Pretty Calabarian,
Fun-loving youth,
Social commentator with remarkable humour and sarcasm!
Efik woman who commands English with flair;
Beautiful lady who basks in being sexy, and called sexy.
Adventure seeking, thrill seeker;
My enduring muse!

Copyright ©February 11, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


A good decision
Never comes so easy:
You consider,
And reconsider.
You evaluate.
But beware, vacillation!
Beware, anxiety.
Just breathe.
Calm yourself.
See what works.
Don’t  compare
Look for the good,
Not what’s missing
There’s always better.

Copyright ©January 5, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


I think to myself
What goes on in her mind;
While I consider and say
I need to soak up all this warmth
She exudes.

I lean in closer
Your softness presses my arm
Softer and more inviting
Than the cosy cinema seats:

I wonder
Did she just shiver;
Maybe I’m sapping her heat.
I feel intimate.
You grab my arm,
And tilt your head
Snuggling closer.

I inhale the whiff of your natural hair
And then the shampoo and hair cream –
So inviting!
Thoughts flood my mind.
I wish things.
I stroke your full thighs through your stretch jeans.
I long to touch.
To touch.
I long for a kiss.
For answers.
What goes on in your head.

Copyright ©January 5, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

Baba Tise

Baba Tise,
E get something wey
I wan tell you;
I know say you know
But I go still tell you –
Oga-madam love you well well,
So tey every minute
You dey her mind!
Every moment your name
Dey her mouth:
My husband this,
My baby that;
My honey,
My grizzly,
My teddy,
Anyway I say make I tell you,
Happy birthday!
May God Almighty bless you
With good health,
More wealth,
And make you love madam wonderfully more than ever!
Happy birthday, bro;
And many more happy returns!


Copyright ©June 15, 2016. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.