Been me
Against me

Deep within where
Dreams are born
But die
When faith
And hope are lost

Beaten down but
Still rising to kneel before
The Father

Hope shines forth
Help is assured
There’s no backing down now


Copyright ©August 3, 2020. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


Do not say there is no God.
For you do not know;
There are many little things
You do not know,
So be quiet and ponder.

My God is to whom I owe my being.
And through good times and hard times
From whom I seek strength and inspiration.
Therefore, do not say to me
There is no God!

Maybe you are your own god;
Maybe you reject the concept of gods;
Maybe you are not sure what to believe;
There are very many things
I do not know, but

Do not say to me, there is no God!
My God, whom I chase after,
Dwells in me, and yet is bigger than everything
My God is loving and understanding;
Omnipotent and ever-present;
Omnipresent and omniscient.
That is my God!

Copyright ©December 8, 2017. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

A Beautiful Day


Wake with a joy that craves
To dance, live and keep on living.
Begin with prayer that says
(In sincerity, believing

For the heart’s good desires):
Although I be undeserving,
Today, GOD calm my fears,
And so make my life worth living.

Wear a smile in spite of your cares
(When it’s tough to keep on loving);
When at the brink of tears,
Don’t give in; keep on believing.

Just time zones away, wars
Rage and hunger claims the living:
Bereft of joy their eyes
Overflow with tears and grieving.

Some days come full of cares;
And some, fears, and tears, and grieving.
Today, sing songs of praise:
Lively lyrics of thanksgiving.

Calm and bright like blue skies,
Go forth, loving; helping; giving;
And savour each of those
Beautiful days GOD has given.



Copyright ©2008. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.