but the words don’t come.

but the thoughts just stray.

But the ink won’t flow.

The skill stays strong.

Copyright ©November 29, 2020. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

A Beautiful Day


Wake with a joy that craves
To dance, live and keep on living.
Begin with prayer that says
(In sincerity, believing

For the heart’s good desires):
Although I be undeserving,
Today, GOD calm my fears,
And so make my life worth living.

Wear a smile in spite of your cares
(When it’s tough to keep on loving);
When at the brink of tears,
Don’t give in; keep on believing.

Just time zones away, wars
Rage and hunger claims the living:
Bereft of joy their eyes
Overflow with tears and grieving.

Some days come full of cares;
And some, fears, and tears, and grieving.
Today, sing songs of praise:
Lively lyrics of thanksgiving.

Calm and bright like blue skies,
Go forth, loving; helping; giving;
And savour each of those
Beautiful days GOD has given.



Copyright ©2008. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.