Unintended Muse

She’s pretty
That’s a given
Of course, she
Knows she’s pretty
But how pretty
I’m not sure she

So fine
Her twin dimples
Break forth in smiles
Her sculpted cheeks
So appealing and cute

Her obvious youth
A refreshing sensation

Yet elegant

Her full, black
Hair, rich without perms
Combed straight
And made up in a bun

Overall classy
In her electric blue dress


Copyright ©April 23, 2019. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.


Memories of you
Rain down on me
Like early morning showers
Ushering a long-desired cool to Enugu

Memories of you flash into mind
Like luminous streaks of lightning bolt
Brightening the pitch-black night
That turn raindrops briefly

Into glowing strings of watery beads
Falling straight down
Drumming into my subconsciousness
Like the rain’s pounding

On the midnight roof of yesternight
I hear as in a dream
As you ask:
What links you

With rain and me?
You wouldn’t know
But when it rains
I remember Yola

And Tola
And all those times
Your face toward me
Was darker than

The darkest thunderclouds
And yet the sun
Still shone
After the storm


Copyright ©2009. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.