Like you
I’m ageing
Albeit ahead of you
I’ll hit forty.

I was young
And pretty
(I still am);
Full of ambition.

I was bright,
Brilliant and brimming
With unbridled exuberance;
An ebony beauty with catchy pink lips.

The many years have
Made me plump, and rounded
Me off in myriad ways;
Within I remain my former self

Yet scarred and hardened,
Galled by certain wars
Of love and heart and betrayal;
A little of me still shines bright.

I’m above judgement
(Especially yours)
Your puerile mind
Will never fathom my history!

I am a woman
(Complicated, they say);
Unmarried and influential,
Adept at what I do!


Copyright ©February 23, 2016. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.