Memories of you
Rain down on me
Like early morning showers
Ushering a long-desired cool to Enugu

Memories of you flash into mind
Like luminous streaks of lightning bolt
Brightening the pitch-black night
That turn raindrops briefly

Into glowing strings of watery beads
Falling straight down
Drumming into my subconsciousness
Like the rain’s pounding

On the midnight roof of yesternight
I hear as in a dream
As you ask:
What links you

With rain and me?
You wouldn’t know
But when it rains
I remember Yola

And Tola
And all those times
Your face toward me
Was darker than

The darkest thunderclouds
And yet the sun
Still shone
After the storm


Copyright ©2009. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

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