First I saw him,
He was a small
Gangly boy, with a weak frame,
Fair complexion, and fine looks –
Seven years ago.

I’ve seen him grow
(Like in a time lapse)
From then till now.

He was the bearer of tools
And runner of errands;
The one everyone else sent
To do this and do that;
Or bring this or that –

To find the size fourteen spanner,
Or the oversized monkey wrench;
To carry the jack or a wedge
(Quite heavy for his age).

Today he’s transformed:
A pimply adolescent
With a slender frame and burgeoning muscles.
Daily becoming a man of his own –
Troubleshooting and being right,
Having garnered experience over many
Long, sweaty and tedious hours
Toiling in sweltering heat
Under this tropical sun.

His name is Abu.

Copyright ©January 23, 2021. Elo Igboeli. All Rights Reserved.

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